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We have three dogs - two boys - Falco and Gal and girl Catori 

Falco is our first dog without pedigree (we bought him as labrador´s puppy, but he is big labrador nevertheless very friendly), he is about 6 months older than Gal. Falco is only our pet who loves children and long walking.




Gal is dog of Chesapeake Bay retriever. His full name is Galaxy Gael Gal Kelečský poklad and he is stud dog too. We bought him as a friend for Falco, but plans were changed  -  we discovered working test, later hunting exams and hunts. We go on the show sometimes, Gal is Czech junior champion, Czech champion and Czech champion of work (he earned three CACT on hunting exams) .  Gal´s health is HD A, ED 0/0, PRA N/N, EIC N/N, DM Carrier. You can find his pedigree here.


First puppies offspring´s Gal were born in kennel from Hofion in June 2009.


Our latest member is bitch of Chesapeake Bay retriever, who is called Mattaponi´s Fabulous Catori. we have had since first weekend of April 2010 - She is Czech Juniorchampion, Slovakian Champion, expectant Czech and Austrian champion and expectant Interchampion.




Pour Féliciter 2014







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Ryky found new home


Ryky found new home in Ostrava.

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We would like to offer you healthy puppy


puppies available - bitch and dogs!!!


Galaxy Gael Gal Kelečský poklad (prcdPRA N/N, EIC N/N, DM DM/N) x Barberry Brixie from Hofion (prcdPRA, EIC and DM - all clear by parents)

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Catori became Juniorchampion CZ


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Catori and snow


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